Expect Diversity
Fall 2016
Featuring Dr. David Pilgrim

In this episode of Expect Diversity, host David Pilgrim initiates discussions with Franklin Hughes, Ferris State’s Multi-Media Specialist for Diversity and Inclusion, about the rich history, stories with Ferris Institute back in the early 1900's. Many African American students and international students were provided educational opportunities through inclusiveness and diversity.

Together they discuss successful students that went to Ferris Institute founded in 1884 Woodbridge Nathan Ferris as a result of the progressiveness of the founder and President of Ferris, the inclusiveness and vision assisted students that might not have been able to have an education elsewhere during this time period.

They leave us thinking about how the founder of Ferris and the success stories of inclusiveness of all race and nationalities back in the early 1900’s and we should follow in his footsteps by learning to look past race.

Expect Diversity
Expect Diversity is a half hour show dedicated to the diversity issues on the campus at Ferris State University.