Ferris in Focus
Fall 2016
Featuring TDMP Storytellers

In this new edition of Ferris in Focus, Big Rapids Life features interviews with Jan Cassidy, the Owner of the Yellow Window, a consignment shop located in downtown Big Rapids. Next, Collage Kids Cars with Keegan Brown interviews Ryan Patrick, about his blue 2004 Corvette ZO6, as he drives it around town. Bulldog Story features Jacob Schrot, a Veteran Resource Representative through Ferris State and Michigan Veteran Affairs.

Program Spotlight showcases the Journalism and Technical Communication Program here at Ferris and provides information about the program. Next, Invest in Success with Mary Kate Mckeown talks about the average cost of a Public College for in and out of state students. Geek Speak with Bradley King gives us the scoop about all things “spy”.

Next on the Countdown, watch and enjoy the top ten best movie quotes of all time. Then, Ferris Asks, what you think of the mobile app Tinder. Finally, the show ends with Talk About It and what local resources are available to those who need it.

Ferris in Focus
Ferris in Focus is a half hour magazine format show featuring storytelling at Ferris State University.