Ferris in Focus
Spring 2017
Featuring TDMP Storytellers

Burning Sensations Shop Manager Jerrod Morella starts off with talking about the store here in Big Rapids, the store is best known for smoking and vaping products. There are many different products that are offered.

Geek Speaks Bradley King talks about Smart Bikes with built in 4 inch LED screen, to smart beds. The beds monitor your body temperature and other aspects such as snoring. We finish with LG’s new wallpaper TV that sticks to your wall.

On Bulldog Story, we have Ferris State Hockey player Chad McDonald. Chad starts talking about what inspired him about hockey as a child. He is working towards his future as a player and dreams to become a pro.

Forensic Biology is today’s Program Spotlight. The program looks into the biology of a crime scene and helps law enforcement. Their main focus is on the biology part and not the criminal side.

On extreme, Musician/Rapper Denerro Thornton talks about his inspiration as he grew up and started rapping. He sees music as art and believes it is amazing to be part of it.

This week’s countdown is the top ten 90’s songs. We finish up today’s show with Ferris Asks, Which the topic today is what people feel about President Donald Trump.

Ferris in Focus
Ferris in Focus is a half hour show dedicated to storytelling in a maganize format on the campus at Ferris State University.