Ferris in Focus
Fall 2017
Featuring TDMP Storytellers

Welcome to Ferris in Focus!

We begin with “Big Rapids Life”, as we take a look at the FIRST Robotics RSO as members explain what the organization is all about.

Next, we jump to “WhY Ferris”, as students express their opinions about parking around campus.

In the “Bulldog Story” segment, we hear from FSU student Melissa Fairchild, as she tells all about what life as a Political Science major is like.

Then, in the “Program Spotlight” segment, we take a closer look at the Hospitality Management Program.

The “Ferris Fitness” segment lists steps to best prepare for taking a run.

In “Keepin’ it Reel”, TDMP Associate Professor Nick Kuiper reviews Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Then in “Dranks”, we find out how to make the perfect morning smoothie.

Finally, after asking more random questions to students in “Ferris Asks”, we move to “Ferris Trolls”, as Lauren gets her dance on with random people around campus.

Ferris in Focus is a half hour show dedicated to storytelling in a maganize format on the campus at Ferris State University.