Ferris in Focus
Fall 2016
Featuring TDMP Storytellers

Join us today on Ferris in Focus. To start off, we take a look at Brown’s Barber Shop in our Big Rapids Life segment. After that, Keegan Brown, our host of College Kids Cars, gets behind the wheel of student Stewart Haadsma’s 2004 Dodge Neon SRT 4; followed by our our Bulldog Story on Ferris Student Marina Tucker, a Ferris athletics personality.

Then we have our Program Spotlight, which features Ferris’s sociology program. Following that, we have our Invest in Success segment, which looks at withdrawing from a course and what it can mean in the long run. Our next segment, Geek Speak, takes a look at the possible uses of VR (virtual reality) for educational uses.

Then, On Ferris Asks, we ask students what they think will change when Donald Trump takes the Presidency, and we finish by educating students on Bystander intervention on Talk About It.

Ferris in Focus
Ferris in Focus is a half hour show dedicated to storytelling in a maganize format on the campus at Ferris State University.