Ferris Out Loud
Spring 2017
Featuring hosts Dyimond Snow, Colin Assink, Dominick Dempsey and Meredith Hague

In this special episode of Ferris Out Loud it is all about St. Patrick’s Day. Dyimond Snow starts of the show by asking Dominick Dempsey, Colin Assink and Meredith Hague how their spring break was and what they did. While some people traveled to other states, went a few hours north or just stayed at home it was a fantastic spring break all around.

They discuss Biggie Smalls, and his 20th year anniversary of his death, his music and how much rap has changed over the years. They then talk about what kinds of Irish food they would binge. They all learn new types of food that they would love to try and other food that they wouldn’t.

To wrap up the show they all show each other different Irish songs that they like to listen to and painting from the famous Ireland painter John Butler Yeats.

Ferris Out Loud
Ferris Out Loud is a half hour show featuring students discussing current happenings at Ferris State University and around the world.