Ferris Out Loud
Fall 2017

This week on Ferris Out Loud, the host get festive with a Thanksgiving themed episode. For “What’s Trending” the host discuss their plans and traditions for Thanksgiving, their favorite Thanksgiving foods, as well as whether Black Friday is still a thing. The host also discuss a riveting question: would you pay for a Thanksgiving dinner?

For This Weeks Favorites, the host discuss what shows they will be binge watching during Thanksgiving break. The host choose a range of shows from reality T.V. to gripping dramas.

The host react to Thanksgiving and holiday break memes in In The Dog House.

Lastly the host test their knowledge of Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving trivia.

Ferris Out Loud
Ferris Out Loud is a half hour show featuring students discussing current happenings at Ferris State University and around the world.