Ferris Out Loud
Fall 2016

To begin this episode, there is talk about the presidential election. Host, Jimmiaya Dixon, leads the discussion about our new president. They also talk about how electoral votes work and if that system should continue to be practiced. Next, they discuss all of the recent post-election protests. They share their views on these protests. They also talk about social media surrounding the outcomes of the election.

The North Dakota pipeline incident is discussed next. They point out how people are peacefully protesting to get what they want, comparing these protesters to Trump protesters. Later, Ferris’ sports teams and their successes are brought to light. They give shout outs to a few outstanding players as well as briefly discuss all our sports currently going on.

The episode is finished off with some fun. They answer some quirky questions, and talk about their study music preferences.

Ferris Out Loud
Ferris Out Loud is a half hour show featuring students discussing current happenings at Ferris State University and arond the world.
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