Ferris Out Loud
Spring 2017
Featuring hosts Dyimond snow, Colin Assink, Dominick Dempsey, Meredith Hague

In this episode of Ferris Out Loud, students discuss many current events. Including New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady and how the Patriots made one of the greatest comebacks of NFL history at Super Bowl LI. They also discuss the commercials that were shown during the superbowl and how entertaining they were this year.

Next up on Ferris Out Loud is “Binge” and students discuss what caught their attention and what they have been binging on like TV shows and books.

The “Song of The Week” And “Today in History” reveals their favorite songs and why they enjoy listening to these artists and more on Ferris Out Loud.

Ferris Out Loud
Ferris Out Loud is a half hour show featuring students discussing current happenings at Ferris State University and around the world.