Ferris Student Life
Fall 2017
Featuring Nicholas Campau

The show opens with our host, Nicholas Campau, introducing the guests Brianna Desmond, Logan Dunsmore and Jeanie Ward-Rood. Nicholas asks his guests about their personal experience of going to the REC Center at Ferris for the first time.

They discuss about the renovation for the REC Center and talk about the feedback from students on how they can improve the building. One topic they discuss about is the improvement for the weight room.

Finally, Jeanine talks about what they want to improve upon in the REC Center. Aside from the highly requested improvements for the weight room, they also plan on improving the food in the building. That way they’ll be easier to find and have a healthier selection, rather than students rushing to the Quad Café for a quick snack.

Ferris Student Life
Ferris Student Life is a half hour show dedicated to the well being of students at Ferris State University.