Ferris Student Life
Fall 2017
Featuring Nicholas Campau

On this edition of FSU Student Life, the discussion centers on housing and residence life on campus. First, Bryan Marquardt gives a brief history of on campus housing. Students were originally housed in the Big Rapids community, until, 50 years ago, it was decided to build residence halls for the students. Senior Justin Austin discusses the changes he’s witnessed in his life alone, as a resident of the surrounding area.

Next, the discussion shifts to the newest residence building, North Hall, which is the first new residence hall to be built since 1968. Bryan Marquardt goes into the design plans for the building and all of the factors that went into it. Freshman Tyler West gives us an insight into what it’s like living in the new hall.

Ferris Student Life
Ferris Student Life is a half hour show dedicated to the well being of students at Ferris State University.