Ferris Student Life
Fall 2016
Featuring Nicholas Campau

(Host)Nick compo Talks about student employment on campus opportunities for students. Giving students abilities to work around campus and most importantly put some money in their pockets as well.

(Guest) John, goes to talk about that there 2100 students currently working with 2700 positions available so students often have two jobs. He also goes to talk about how the price of minimum wage is going up resulting in students are getting paid more to work which is great if you’re a student. In making sure the department can cover the increase of minimum wage, that currently has made a leap from$ 8.50 to $8.90. in its easy to find jobs cause it’s all on line they post a job they need on Ferris website, then students apply for them very simple.

(Guest) Justen and Drew, shares how they landed their jobs in the Dean Student Life office. They also touch a little about what they actually do at their jobs. In they say it’s pretty important to have prior knowledge of what to expect if you are going to be working in the dean of student life office. For example, having great customers service being nice, respectful, helpful to the costumers, in really putting an effort in trying to help them.

Ferris Student Life
Ferris Student Life is a half hour show dedicated to the well being of students at Ferris State University.