Ferris Student Life
Spring 2017
Featuring Nicholas Campau

Today on FSU Student Life we will be talking about the great things that has gone on this semester and future events to come. We start off by discussing the Improv Club and how they work with theater students to discuss communication and performance. Then we discuss the play Dorm and how all that planning came together. What it takes to join the improve club.

Then we discuss game day operations with Assistant Game Day Manager Kolen Snoblen. We discuss football planning and how hard it is to plan and how Kolen Snoblen coordinates the teams and what game day operations do. Also discussed what it takes to plan entails to coordinate multiple games and how they coordinate tickets, and prepare the playing field for the game.

Finally, we discuss The Ferris Media Festival coming up, April 21st, with six different guest speakers and it is open to the public. Selection of guest speakers and what goes into the planning of the Ferris Media Festival.

Ferris Student Life
Ferris Student Life is a half hour show dedicated to the well being of students at Ferris State University.