Ferris Student Life
Fall 2016
Featuring Nicholas Campau

On this episode of FSU Student Life our host Nick Campau is joined by Jon Coles, Justin Harden, and Andrew Klarecki to talk about athletic opportunities on campus. From Varsity sports, to intermural sports, and even the task of being Brutus, the school mascot.

Jon Coles is the Associate Athletic Director, Justin Harden is the Assistant Director of Intermural and Club Sports, and Andrew Klarceki is the Mascot Coordinator for Brutus. Jon Coles discusses what it is like to manage the varsity games at Ferris, from parking management, a clean environment for the game, and concessions. Andrew Klarceki discusses how to contact Brutus and how to become Brutus.

To finish the show out Justin Harden discusses what the club sports are and all the things that go along with being in one of the 28 different club sports. There are more club sports to come and Ferris students should keep their eyes open and get involved.

Ferris Student Life
Ferris Student Life is a half hour show dedicated to the well being of students at Ferris State University.