Making the Grade
Spring 2017
Tim Haist, the Superintendent of Big Rapids Public Schools, hosts Making the Grade.

Tim Haist Superintendent, Big Rapids Public Schools begins by talking about the Community Mentor program at Brookside Elementary. Jennifer Bentley Title Teacher, Brookside Elementary explains as to why she wanted to become a teacher. Guest Jeff Pretzlaff 2nd Grade Teacher, Brookside Elementary share his experiences teaching for the past 18 years. The third guest is Maddie Root, 4th Grader at Brookside Elementary, explaining some of her activities in school including a leadership program.

The Community Mentor Program allows for a mentor to come into the school to mentor students. Both educators talk about the mentors that the students have met. Many different mentors from different backgrounds including public safety officers. Maddie shares her experiences with the program as a student and talks about learning about jobs in the community.

Making the Grade
Making the Grade is a half hour show dedicated to academics on the campus at Ferris State University.