Making the Grade
Spring 2017
Tim Haist, the Superintendent of Big Rapids Public Schools, hosts Making the Grade.

In this episode of Making the Grade, Dawn praises the arts division of the Big Rapids public schools such as the band and drama programs. Tim and Dawn discuss the awards given to drama students and how much students from their school’ drama students are being recognized all over the state.

Next, Shannon talks about the Big Rapids Middle School band and how well they were represented at the Michigan Music Conference. From how proud and nervous the students were, Shannon tells Tim that it was overall an amazing experience. Christian is then asked how the students felt about being selected for this honor. He tells Tim that all the students knew that there would be a lot of work ahead of them, but they were willing to take on the challenge.

Tim goes on to talk to the guests about the extra-curricular activities offered at Big Rapids Public Schools and how much the students can benefit from them. The arts are an important foundation for Big Rapids schools and it’s shown clearly by each guest on this episode of Making the Grade.

Making the Grade
Making the Grade is a half hour show dedicated to academics on the campus at Ferris State University.