Making the Grade
Fall 2016
Tim Haist, the Superintendent of Big Rapids Public Schools, hosts the first Making the Grade of Fall 2016. Starting with the Big Rapids Middle School, who had a video go viral from a very simple gesture.

Introductions are in order for the new Middle School Principal, Mitch Cumings and also joining the show is U.S Air Force Vet Mark Brejcha, who is currently in his fourth year teaching sixth grade Social Studies. They all discuss teaching tactics to involve their students as much as possible, and for students to retain the knowledge learned in the classroom.

To wrap it all up, we hear from Clay Oosterhouse, a seventh grader at the Big Rapids Middle School. Oosterhouse gives us his perspective on the video gone viral and how proud he is to be a part of something that is getting so much positive attention. Watch Making the Grade to learn more about Clay's goodwill and why his video went viral.

Making the Grade
Making the Grade is a half hour show dedicated to academics on the campus at Ferris State University.