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Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP)

Stories are created by students in the Television and Digital Media Production Program in the School of Digital Media on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Making the Grade 11-7-18

On this episode, host and Superintendent of Big Rapids Public Schools Tim Haist starts off by introducing the audience to today’s wonderful guests. Julie Aldrich and Heather Woodworth are counselors at Big Rapids High School, and Melanie Mulder is a Ferris State University Financial Aid Advisor. They discuss all kinds of topics, such as planning out career paths for students, as well as helping parents and students navigate financial aid. In addition, they discuss how to prep for a good grade on the SAT, and different tools to use to learn and prepare for it. Finally, they finish up discussion with best ways to take the SAT, how to get help to apply to colleges, and different financial aid types and how they work.



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