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Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP)

Stories are created by students in the Television and Digital Media Production Program in the School of Digital Media on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Ferris Out Loud 4-3-19

Do you have a pet peeve? This week’s Ferris Out Loud opens with that question as an introduction. Then, they segue into Trump and his free speech executive order. He wants to ensure that students on college campuses are not being stifled. After noting that free speech is different than hate speech, they move to Facebook. How trustworthy is social media? In Outside the Box the guests discuss how helpful a FoldiMate would be with laundry or how handy the Temi personal robot could be. We were just Outside the Box, but we want to know “What’s In the Box” as the guests put their hands unknowingly in a box to figure out what they’re touching. To end this week, Ferris Out Loud plugs the Ferris Media Festival on April 12th in the UC which boasts speakers from different media companies including Netflix.



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