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Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP)

Stories are created by students in the Television and Digital Media Production Program in the School of Digital Media on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Ferris Out Loud 9-19-19

On today’s exciting episode of Ferris Out Loud, we have many different segments. The hosts dive into some of the latest top trending topics like Area 51, the recent vape ban and the most recent hurricane, Dorian. Self-care is then talked about, why it’s important and some self-care ideas! Public Relations is then discussed by the special guest, Lee McArthur. Next is “Game Time,” where the hosts play an exciting game of "Guess the Missing Lyric." Lastly, the hosts weigh in on some of their “Rants & Raves”: things that bother them or things that excite them! This is an upbeat episode that is the perfect way to start the semester of Ferris Out Loud. Stay tuned for more episodes!



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