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Television and Digital Media Production

Stories are created by students in the Television and Digital Media Production Program in the School of Digital Media on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Ferris Sports Update 11.18.20

Welcome to another episode of Ferris Sports Update!

Things are happening this week:

• Our host Rob Bentley talks with Ferris State’s Women’s Soccer Coach, Greg Henson. Though they weren't able to compete this fall, Greg talks about their time training together and being able to get themselves ready for the spring.

• We hear from the assistant coach of Men’s Basketball Team, Raymoan McAfee, to discuss the upcoming season and what the future looks like for the team, as well as how the practice season has been going.

• We catch up with Kurt Westendorp, Ferris State's Women’s Basketball Coach, and hear about his favorite moments back on the practice court. Despite some bumps and bruises, they’ve taken it in stride and can’t wait to play again.

Thanks for joining us on Ferris Sports Update, we’ll see you next semester! Make sure to visit to catch up on old episodes!